Tours in Veliky Novgorod

Оn foot


1) Novgorod Kremlin, St.Sophia and Yaroslav's Court

(1,5 hour )

The main highlights of the town, facts from history and wonderful panoramic views



2) Treasures of Novgorod Kremlin
(Kremlin, Treasury in Faceted Chamber, St.Sophia Cathedral)

(2 hours) 

Legends and mysteries of the medieval town, visiting the most known objects of the Kremlin

+ a little bit more...


3) Kremlin by Night

( 1,5 hour)

 A romantic walk at sunset around the ancient wall, stories of the past about heroes and villains.


4) Frescoes of Veliky Novogorod and Theofanes the Greek 

- 2 hours

For lovers of Art!  The world of medieval frescoes, mystical light of the paintings by the Greek master Theophanes. Visiting the Church of Transfiguration in Ilyina street

+one or two fresco ensembles more...





5) Novgorod pilgrimage

For those who like motion- walking tour from church to church  on the Torgovaya Side of the historical center (estimated distance 6 km)


                                   By car 


1) PRIVET (Hello), Novgorod !

Round tour and photostops with the most scenic views of the marvellous town including old and new quarters

1 hour



2) Vikings -time of heroes (Rurik´s Hillfort/Gorodishche)

- 2 hours

-if you are interested in the Archaeolgy or just want to know how everything started here...

 the Viking period of Novgorod History, visiting an interesting archaeological site, intact wild nature  


3) St.George Monastery and the Museum of Wooden Architecture''Vitoslavlitsy''

-2 hours

 - ancient functioning monastery, famous wooden village with log houses, opportunity to buy the best Novgorod souvenirs


4) Novgorod in Soviet times

- 2,5 часа

 "Dear Comrades, Lenin lived, Lenin  lives, Lenin will live!"

Novgorod of the 20th century, tragical and heroic, ridiculous and nostalgic pages of our history.

Monumental propaganda, places and habits, rules from KGB for visitors from capitalist countries...