Неre comes spring to the old town...

Aside from the noisy streets and the usual crowded atmosphere there is Novgorod of your childhood which has survived by miracle: with wooden fences, old garages, stretched linen ropes, high burdock sticks and ubiquitous cats.
It is very similar to the famous canvas "Moscow courtyard" by Alexey Savrasov now exibited in the Tretyakov Gallery.
From such backward yards you can better understand the ancient architecture. Belltowers looks up at the sky, the domes create a perspective, the patterns on the temples contrast with the delapidated wooden routine.
Approximately so probably looked  a wooden medieval Novgorod...
Spring is gaining strength. It is still very far until the summer heat, but daylight is long, the temperature every day gets more comfortable, and the city is waiting for their discoverers with cameras and easels.  Welcome to us!