February- this is what we call Russian winter



We haven't had such a winter for long. With "Siberian frost" of minus twenty, it is so, but also with fresh, relatively deep snow,  bright sun and absolutely blue sky. All  harmful bacteria in this "sunny frost" will freeze and dissolve in the crystal clear air of February.


Although it is always sparse with tourists in February. People are afraid of cold weather, and, in general, do not have the mood for travel.

Therefore, our special respect to those who broke through all the obstacles and could witness our Novgorod winter fairy tale.

Sin (Sandy) Wong came from Malaysia, where the winter doesn't exist in principle, more of that- there is no division for the seasons. Only summer, well- sometimes summer with a rain and again summer... Therefore, Sandy has properly prepared herself to her winter trip to Russia supplying it with a good winter equipment. On arrival to Saint-Petersburg she was shocked seeing in some places young people in thin jeans and snickers. Well- the world is globalized and the fashion exists. But the winter frost dictates its own fashion.

Veliky Novgorod was marvelous ( like in any other season). The golden crosses shine in the sun. A huge frozen lake. And of course a hot tea served in the cafe "Derzhavnoe" ...