Under the Bell ( Monument to Russia's Millennium)


The 24th of May is known as Festival of Slavic Writing and Culture in Novgorod.  If you come to us on that day you will have a rare opportunity to watch the characters of history on the famous Monument to the Millennium of Russia in every detail at a short distance. Which we did with a group of students from the Ivan Krylov School, St.Petersburg.     On other days the bronze fence surrounding the monument is locked to the public.


Standing under the Bell of History you see new angles, like long legged Peter the Great goes far in his jackboots and the Boyar woman Marfa the Governess weeps for the broken bell of the fallen Novgorod Republic...

 20170524_132419 - копия 20170524_132732 - копия




Victory Day


In April 1945 the Allied Forces met on the river Elbe near Berlin which marked the final stage of WW2 and our Victory over Nazism!

On May 9, 2017 we met again- Russians and British- on the river Volchov- our English friends Susan and Roger Minards and guys from the Novgorod club of historical reenanctment.  Eternal memory to that heroic war generation. Peace and friendship between our people.



Winter Morning (almost by Alexander Pushkin)


"Hard frost and sunshine – a day of pleasure!
You are  still drowsy at your leisure –
It’s time, my beauty, open your eyes!  
Let you get free of blissful dreaming,  
To meet the North Aurora deeming,
The Star of North, let you arise!"...

Tour for Arnaud and Katya, a couple from Switzerland:




History and Health in one


To start the day with a motion I took my walking poles and went to the meeting point at the Intourist Hotel. The poles are usually left in my office and a tour starts. But to my surprise our Australian guests Norman and Christine James had also walking poles in their hands! Now we are three!

Experienced walkers and travellers, they have seen much on this planet, and Novgorod tour was not the first time for Norman. Thank you for enthusiasm and the nice day!


Excursion for Father Frost (Russian Santa Claus)

 Новый Нод

And now dear children, I shall tell you a nice tale... Far away on the North, in a fabulous Russian forest lives in his big log house a kind magician, Father Frost. Every winter he prepares marvellous gifts for good children and brings them to homes on the New Year Eve.

Time passes and Father Frost needs some relax. Then he takes his favourite pets and departs to the ancient city of Novgorod where he has several days of leisure...

My pleasure is to introduce my today's tourists, the Yazikin family. Daniel Yazikin heads one of the education centers for children in Moscow and at the same time serves honestly as Father Frost every winter. Nayda, the oldest of the dogs, now prefers travelling on the hands of her Dad but still continues and with other members of the family has seen many towns and countries.